In each town in Istria there is a First aid assistance, along with the pharmacies with working hours that usually range from 8am to 7pm. In bigger towns there are pharmacies on a 24 hour a day duty. If there is a signed convention on medical care between the country of origin of the tourist and Croatia, those foreign tourists do not pay medical services in Croatia.

All foreign tourists staying in Croatia are entitled to free first aid assistance.

Taking into account severe contagious affections, Istria, as also the whole Croatia, is listed amongst the NO RISK COUNTRIES, so neither the regularly vaccinated guests coming to Croatia aren’t supposed to do additional vaccination before coming in our country.

Needed documents

The patient’s record (the s.c. Bolesnicki list) is issued on the basis of the medical insurance certificate issued by national health insurance institutions of the foreign countries from:

During their stay in Croatia, tourists can get medical assistance in hospitals and healthcare institutions, along with a minimal contribution normally paid by Croatian citizens:

Tourists are also allowed to get the services from private physicians and dentists (paid according to the respective price list).