About us

Active (outdoor) tourism is of primary interest for the development of tourism and selective forms of tourism in Istria. It is something on which private and public tourism sectors and subjects in Istria have been closely cooperating for years.

One of the latest initiatives was the foundation of the Istra Bike&Outdoor DMC department committed to the development of different forms of active tourism. This is expected to promote synergy between the subjects of the tourism in Istria, with the ultimate aim being to reposition and restructure Istria into a high-quality tourism region with a year-round tourism offer.

Active tourism is a tourism development project and one of the main tourist products in Istria with an important role in the strategic development of the new concept of the tourism in Istria. With its multiple beneficial effects, the project seems to agree well with the rest of the tourism offer in Istria, including Bike&Bed accommodation, spa centres and gourmet segments of Istrian tourism, namely rural, wine and olive oil tourism. The new DMC department is also committed to the development of projects, such as Istra bike (www.istria-bike.com) and Istra trails (www.istria-trails.com), as well as many others.

You can turn to our website for all the necessary information about all kinds of trails and numerous well-established races and events, as well for service providers contacts and materials that may provide you with some very useful information.

Feel free to check out our website and use it to discover the true treasure that Istria offers as a region of active tourism!